Registration Agreement

Please agree with the rules below.

1. Only speak english on forum. (Exception: foreign language boards)
2. Think before you post!
3. Only important topics should be opened.
4. Don't double post! (Wait 24hrs to post again if you were last poster)
5. Respect all players!
6. No insulting!
7. Don't use rude words!
8. Use common sense, don't be childish!
9. Don't open the same thread multiple times!
10. No spaming, no advertising!
11. Don't post anything that has something pornografic in it.
12. No illegal contents. Neither giving illegal download links, nor posting illegal stuff.

If you break any rule, we will take action asap.
It can start from a warning, up to server and forum ban!
It is up to the admin how long he/she will ban you.
Some could ban days, some weeks, some perm..