Official Groups/Factions Update

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Official Groups/Factions Update
« on: August 22, 2020, 00:08:07 »
Greetings everyone, I hope you and your family is safe during this pandemic.

Due reasons of inactivity, unrealistic faction names, backgrounds and enormous base sizes which is affecting resource size.
All Factions to be deleted on 03/09/2020 . Also, faction applications will be re-opened again. Factions will be have three main categories. Faction leaders please collect as much data as you can from your current factions:

1- Military based (Limited for 3 factions only)
2- Gang based factions
3- Story based factions

New factions that we will activated soon, you can be the leader of one of these factions! DM me what's your plan as a leader to develop the faction:

1- Humane Labs and Research - @nightshade is going to lead it

The company responsible for the outbreak. They developed the G Virus as an experiment.
Special Ability: They can spawn bosses
2- MerryWeather Security Services.

3- Survivalists

A group of hillbillies who united in the first stage of the outbreak. They lived in the woods. grew their own food, so they managed to survive.
Special Ability: They can produce drugs
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Re: Official Groups/Factions Update
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Prior to community members requests, this is postponed for another week!