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Retired/inactive Soldiers / Inactivity or least on one part
« on: January 14, 2019, 19:51:19 »
1- Your Name In Game:N0va
2- How many days have you been a member of TheShadows(To post an inactivity You need at least 5 days in the Faction):Years
3- Why are you gonna be inactive? (40-50 Words):Work plus I have a few things wich need to be done.(kick some ass)
This inactivity will apply only ig,wont have time to join of course that doesnt mean I wont check the forum and dc etc as I usually do (7-20 times/day) . I am watching you nabs,so dont cause chaos or mess like in kindergarten

Archive / Its time for me to just let it go and walk away
« on: August 07, 2018, 14:16:53 »
So i gues 3 years passed,almost 4 since I am here.Had my fun,had bad shit happen to me.But most teached me a lot of things that ill try not to forget.I had my hopes up for this server,but I wont sit around in a spot wich cant keep me happy for 1 minute.Thats 1 sign that showed me a long time ago that I should let it go.I see the good sides,I met some people 50% cool people,10% for wich my respect will never die and the other 40% whom showed hate towards me.No I wont change how I act or what I love or whatever just for people to *like* me.Thats a waste of time and a waste of what i should be or could truly be and wich would make me happy.I have been told multiple times that I make childish acts and whatever.Is it childish cause it goes against the maturity level you wish in a conversation,or is it childish cause nobody fucking else would do that thing?No dont take offence or anything. I stood up for people as i remember,sometimes not  thats my problem.My parents ,god bless them teached me a lot of good,so im not the average asshole who just doesnt know what respect means.The 1 thing I decided myself is that I will try not to be the same as an average person who hides behind the bushes when something needs to be done.I wont be like the asshole who had the guts to insult me while i didnt do a thing to him.Im proud of those who have the courage to do what they want and live how they wish without letting people take them down.Thats 1 thing that inspires me and makes me admire a few people in this crazy world.If anyone wonders why I am so harsh on people,well its because people do shit,bad shit and as many times as i forgive them,theyd do it again.I wont be the damn weak,crya boy so people use me,humiliate me etc.Ask the bully from my high school,he ended up with a broken nose cause he insulted me.I tried the rational way 1st,speaking to him and teaching him the right way but he didnt have the courage to sit down next to me and he just repeated the same mistake.When the rational way doesnt work,it leaves you no choice but to try the dirty way or another 3rd option.
About my personal info,and why I hide it.Thing is people used the past against me ok maybe i used it too against them alright.But really now would you show your personal info,do a face reveal just so the people use those against you?If we can use the past against each other,than why not personal infos too?
I chose not to use personal info against others,cause hey as much respect and then i dont want them to curse me.
I am a cool guy in general,i show kindness,im nice,have the guts to do things other people wouldnt do but in movies.Like stand up for someone etc.
Yes i have my own problems,errors etc but im proud that those either teach me things,make me stronger or make me who I am now.
Or keep me sane for that matter.
I forgave people ,a ton of them but well if they dont accept it,then i let them go off.
There would be thousands of things to say here but i wont leave it with blablablabla.
My mother teached me to be an optimist, to see the good and beautiful things around me.That helps me everyday to stand up and smile plus go on.
I had shit thrown at me,but I still stand up cause I want to.I dont give up on my life cause well that would be a shame,and above all id fail my parents,may they rest in peace.
I will keep my gaming passion etc,i dont see much bad coming out of it for now.Addiction is there,but if i love what i do,why not do it again and again.

Im thanking everyone for the experience,teachings,fun,laughs,smiles.
But some of those things dont really apear recently if I think of zhp.Least me being happy doesnt apear there.
I lied to myself that everything is fine,i love this ill keep staying.But in truth I felt it inside that it just doesnt work not anymore.
Cant say its a waste of my time that i stayed here for so long,i met people i saw that im 50/50 good at being staff i might look that up in the future.
Bless those who least helped me grow personaly,or least made me admire them or made me smile for 1 sec in these 3 years.

Either way,I am leaving I dont ask you to remove my account or whatever just pls dont.I might come back one day,or maybe never lets see what fate gets me.

Oh yeah and for the new staff,you may be pissed that my eyes are on you guys or whatever,that im hard on you people.Hate me all you want,but you wont improve from sitting around.It was my way of forcing you to do something.Doing something is way better than doing nothing sometimes.

Update : After 2 days,if anyone messages me about zhp or the bad past i will block them personaly.I will not live in that past.

Archive / Inactivity
« on: May 23, 2018, 10:09:59 »
I will be off for a month or so

cya when ill be back

Retired/inactive Soldiers / Making a step forward
« on: May 16, 2017, 20:24:25 »
1-Your Name In Game:N0va
2-How many days have you been a TheShadows Member (To Leave You need at Least 5days In the Faction):Doesnt matter at all
3-Why do you want to leave TheShadows (40-50 Words):Its time to move forward and forget about all this.Its my choice,decision.Id rather do what I want and love.Nobody will change that.And will fail even if they try.

Games / Every gamer hates this shit i bet
« on: March 18, 2017, 22:33:19 »
When you have the achievements/trophies to get and some are for multiplayer.
The worst thing is... servers are down
So the question is : How the fuck are you supposed to get those achievements? Now

Games / Chance on playing together,on the ps3
« on: September 19, 2016, 19:44:52 »
Well firstly id like to see who has a play station 3 (ps3),on any chance. If yes well we could play together sometime.We will have to add each other etc,just friends list,nothing else)
I have a few games wich do support co op mode (id mostly go for that)
I want to play with someone i know ,not with some random stranger (most of them just ruin everything,complete the map /level/mission too fast or whatever.
Most of the games I have are :
GTA V,Call of duty Advanced Warfare, Saints Row The Third,Assassins creed 3,Tom clancy splinter cell blacklist,Call of duty Ghosts,Killzone 3,Battlefield 3,Far cry 3,Call of duty black ops 2
50% of the games have some co op *trophies* call them *achievements*,wich are uh given by completing co op with someone ,or just doing something together (ye id do them myself,but  doesnt let me do them alone)
the other 50%,are just games wich we would play multiplayer.And no dont ask me of far cry 3,cause the time i got the game,the online acces code did not work at all.Maybe co op works either way.(nobody plays multiplayer deathmatch matches anyway,it died in 2012 )

And no Anson dont ask me why are these achievements important <.<.
I want to get them.. done.

Retired/inactive Soldiers / Inactivity
« on: September 08, 2016, 23:12:27 »
1- Your Name In Game: N0va
2- How many days have you been a member of TheShadows(To post an inactivity You need at least 5 days in the Faction): 1 year
3- Why are you gonna be inactive? (40-50 Words): I will be very busy with work,and other problems,i have.But i will check in when I can of course. My inactivity will start after the 15th of september and idk when it may end. Anyway,a little word to ts members (its more of a warning xD) dont even try nor think of doing something stupid while i am gone -_-.

Games / Reccomended game *series*
« on: September 03, 2016, 19:27:47 »
Well i dont know of people heard of the games codemasters made,named Overlord -Raising hell,Overlord 2 and the failure... Overlord Fellowship of evil...
Well anyway the first 2 games are more about a dark lord (you) going on some adventures,with some minions (gnomes or whatever).
Who may server you all the way,carry stuff for you,die for you,kill ,steal, and of course wear hats -,- as always.
Sometimes the games give you chances of being good... or of course evil.The character of the player changes based on the choices the player makes. Being good just,makes you look shiny and maybe let u get some rewards *blegh*. But being evil is all the fun,you may steal food and your army of minions gets stronger,sacrifice others in the place of gold ,or just refuse any hmm *deal*.
There are 4 types of these minions wich would help you on the road .. most of them cant swim so dont try to put them in water,the names are simple Browns,Reds,Greens,Blues . Browns - the more of a fighting type . Reds - Ranged units,wich can withstand any fire source. Greens= whom are mostly camouflaged and stab others in the back,they are resistant to poisons. Blues - uh yeah,not strong in combat but can revive dead minions,and can swim.
The games may have a few... *dark* humor spots,and some tipical ones
The games may be old ,unlike *overlord fellowship of evil* (its a whole differeng game ... RPg or some shit)
But they can be fun as hell xDDD,bosses are kind of challenging since,u have to be careful that your minions dont die. Since power is stronger when you and them stand together.
You may have control over the minions,move them where u want,show them what u want done and etc.

I recomend the series (and no the games dont require some beast pc )

Pictures from the first game : (overlord  + the expansion : Raising hell)

Its better to play the game yourselves xDD

The second game ... a whole different one :

No i wont talk of the third games.. its just embarrasing... copyin all the old content just to make a rpg game,nothing new.
Thought the devs would keep the old *dark lord* styled gameplay.
But they just put up a story of 4 evil creatures racing for the seat of the *overlord*

The first game just tells us how the first overlord got stuck in to the abyss (in raising hell),then it continues with hes son.Yes son! (the overlord from overlord 2).
The second games ending is good,the lord doesnt die... but then its edited,and its given that the *son* died, cause of the forces of the light.
The minions search desperately for a salvation but.. find a book and resurrect 4 brutally murdered *villains* whom truly understand the meaning of evil.And whom may end the ... *birth *  of a purely good era.

kind of a story teller video,:
trailer for the first game :
second game trailer :
and the third game (wich as i know ,does come to pc):

Well ,I was checking some of the new games wich came out.Yeah tipical as always.
But we all know,that some games tend to ... *hold the players hand * all the time.Lets say if you fail 1 move ,then its ok you can go forward and finish the game.If the game is hard then you can edit the difficulty ,pfft whatever. Eh few months back I tried this game called *dark souls* pc version aka *Dark souls Prepare to die* (its a lazy ported version of the game wich is meant to  work on pc,hell you need a controller to play correctly,even the button icons are *game pad buttons*) - trailer (its better to play the game on consoles)
Well its not as simple as other games,the game has the difficulty adjusted to have you challenged.The enemies dont show mercy,you have to manage on your own (or co op with others using the so called  system of the game)
You will most likely die by the first mistake you make ,while fighting.Even when you fight a boss 20 times bigger then you.
For example this fella ,who you meet barely at the start of the damn game :

or this fella
at wich i pissed my pants right away after it apeared

There are even worse enemies so *go found out yourself*

YEah the bosses will crush you if you aint careful,the game tends to make you learn from your mistakes.The more mistakes you make,the more you learn.Yeah and it succeds at doing that ^^.Some would just quit after 20 tries,and rage. (80% of the people would do the same)
It might be hard to beat,but its rewarding since once you progres you really feel like *accomplished* like *hell yeah i beated this hard boss!*
If you ask call of duty they would say *aw i shot a enemy once, and they died......such a acomplishment*

Anyway there are 2 more dark soul games, Dark souls 2 and 3 (yeah everyone can count to three)
The third tends to be the most brutal ,such words and the game isnt even out.
IN every game,if you touch a checkpoint,u may level up ,regain health,but then realise the game revived all your enemies ,yeah good luck fighting thru them again.
This game or any of its predecors are worth to be played,it might not be easy ,its hard if you aint careful,and it wont *hold your hand* ever. If you fail once ,you might loose half of your health bar,or die instantly. SO yeah fight ,die,try again then repeat.
Atleast it cant be beaten in 4 hours.
Some already beat the game 10 times,so whatever ,great fans.
I wont go on dark souls 2 ,since  it might be whole different,but well it aint that interesting as the new third release.
Yeah dark souls 3,wich got almost 10/10 on every spot.
The game is just beautiful,I hope its the hardest experience out of the 3 games. Its even worst on difficulty and on enemies,no mercy at all.
When i saw its trailer i was amased,playing this game would be a amasing experience.
Yeah there are 3 trailers and + the dlc one whatever.
Just seeing,the enemies and the challenge they poses,makes u forget about *casual*. If its enemies seem to you as *easily beatable* the game will show you are entirely wrong.
Prepare to die ,again.and again.
I dont know what others think of it,but I love it,everything in the game,the unforgiving difficulty wich makes you to play *perfect* just to progress,and every bit of beauty it has in it. Hell no game will show you such fast paced combat,you have to dodge ,hit when you have the chance,and stay back when needed.
I am planning to try it out,but after seeing the requirements,I almost broke my desk.(rly) and i was looking to run it at highest configuration.
But please just dont buy it right now,for christ sakes dont.It has many problems,crashes and other,its just early acces so whatever so much expected.The full game will be out in october ,as we *know*

Games / Suggest games <.<
« on: August 16, 2016, 13:09:29 »
Well,the thing is I got bored yeah common thing.
I thought of trying to beat some games on the hardest difficulty, and maybe ,maybe with no deaths /loses at all <.< (yeah  have to think about it)
Yeah,i know a few games here and there,wich aint easy to complete on hard difficulties and whatever,but i bet others know more.
so yeah,suggest anything xD i might try them.
You can suggest any mods (realism mods or whatever ) ,wich would change any casual experience aswell.
And nah,i aint here to play and like record it and then go like *hey i finished it ! * and show to others.
And yeah i go for singleplayer ,not multiplayer

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