Account Recovering

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Account Recovering
« on: January 19, 2018, 07:58:18 »
Hi all

If you are struggling to retrieve your account.

Please ensure you do the following steps:

* Request for password reset, you will get an email with unique code

* Once you received the password, copy it and paste it in the login panel.

* Once logged in, change your password using /pass.

If you request a password reset and did not get anything

* Try remember if you played before September 2017, if not you will need to re register.

* If you do have an account, but do not get an email..
Please follow this link:
Support channel / Create a query for us here

We will search for your account and help you retrieve it.

* Remember to change your password in server via /pass
 and on the login panel again as well!

V.I.P players
Please contact us with how much coins you had, we will give your coins back to you

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