Forum Rules and Actions

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Forum Rules and Actions
« on: August 09, 2016, 10:54:24 »
Forum Rules:

1.Use your brain, if you don't have one don't post on this forum:

2. Do not post false, incorrect or dishonest information:
(Action) 1st warning, 2nd 30min mute.(Capture Proof)

3. Do not post illegal content or link to illegal content including copyright infringing content:
(Action) Remove contact and warn player, if continues, ban.

4. Do not insult or be nasty to people:
(Action) 1st warning, mute for 15mins, if continue, ban 3 days (Capture Proof)

5. Do not post or link to pornographic, disgusting or generally not appropriate content:
(Action) Remove content, warn player, if continue, ban (Capture Proof)

6. Do not make purposeless, not worth reading, non-constructive or off-topic posts:
(Action) Remove content/lock topic and warn player, if continue, stop playing from posting for 3 days (Capture Proof)

7. Post new topics in the right board, look through the board list before posting:
(Action) move topic to right board and warn player. (Capture Proof)

8. Do not act trollish.
(Action) 1st warning, 2nd mute 15mins, if continue, ban 3 days. (Capture Proof)

9. Do not post things that have already been posted:
(Action) Lock topic and warn player. (Capture Proof)

10. Impersonating another individual or attaching "Junior" or "Senior" to your name is not allowed:
(Action) 1st warning, if not removed within 24hours, provide ban.(Capture Proof)

11. Update: 300 x 300 pictures, up to 3 with a maximum of 1000 characters:
 Don't abuse this privilege, can result in an automatic ban. Do not use large images or text in your signature or annoying images in your avatar or signature. - Able to resize.
(Action) 1st warn and ask player to remove, give 48 hours to change if not, ban. (Capture Proof)

12. Posting in a topic which hasn't been posted in for over 1 month:
Without saying something important will result in post deletion and forum warning.
(Action) Lock topic and warn player, if happens again, ban 3 days. (Capture Proof)

13. Names must be appropriate and an actual name:
For example using a full stop as a name will be considered trolling and result in ban.
(Action) 1st warn and give 24hours to change, if not, ban. (Capture Proof)

14. Do not post blatantly invalid admin complaints:
(Action) Lock topic and give warning.(Capture Proof)

15. Do not post in ban appeals or any staff related topics you're not involved in:
(Action) Warn player, if continue, provide 1day mute) (Capture Proof)

16. Do not PM staff members about bans:
 irrelevancies or anything else they don't want in their inbox
(Action) 1st warning, if continue, mute player 1 day, (Capture Proof)

17. When posting a ban appeal use the correct format:
(Action) Provide correct appeal and lock topic.(Capture Proof)

18. The "general discussion" board is for things that don't fit into any of the other boards:

19. Do not double post:
(2+ of your posts in a row) If you want to quote 2 people you can do that by going down the page to the list of last posts and clicking quote.
(Action) 1st warning, 2nd 3day mute.(Capture Proof)

20: Do not constantly change your identity to prevent people from knowing who you are:
(Action) 1st Warning, 2nd ban (Capture Proof)

21. Anything related to religion or sexual content is not permitted on this forum:
(Action) 1st warning and add to watchlist, give 24 hours to change, if not, ban. (Capture Proof)

22. Do not requests locks for topics you did not make:
(also known as backseat moderating).
(Action) 1st Warning, 2nd 30min mute. (Capture Proof)

23. The shoutbox on the home page is a privilege to use:
don't spam or be crazy/stupid in it. Also only English in shoutbox. You can be plainly banned just there.
(Action) 1st warning, if continue, 30min mute. (Capture Proof)

24. Bumping/Upping topics is not allowed:
 You must be patient and wait for response.
(Action) Warn player and lock topic.(Capture Proof)

25. Usage of multiple accounts are not allowed:
Every player with more than 1 account will get banned permanently.
(Action) provide evidence, confirm they not family using same IP, if it one person, perm ban both accounts. (Capture Proof)

26.  Farming posts/comments:
Players just typing a comment like "k" "lol" etc to just up their comments/topics
(Action) Warn player and remove comment, if continues provide mute 30min mute, if still continues add to watch list and mute for for 3 days.(Capture Proof)


If staff member not able to provide higher punishment/ban, please post topic with evidence in complaint and higher staff will take action
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