Server Rules and Actions

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Server Rules and Actions
« on: April 18, 2020, 18:54:23 »
This is just to confirm if staff happy with these rules and actions, if yes they will stick, if you want anything altered/added please comment below. NO SPAMMING!

1. No hacking:
Absolutely no hacking what so ever. Hacking includes editing or using script events/element data and other scripts of the server. No trainers, external programs, game editing/modding to help you gain an advantage over other players. -Results in a permanent ban.
(action staff can take) take proof and confirm its hacking, when proof provided and confirmed that player in question ARE using hacks/mods, perm ban. (Capture proof)

2. No advertisements of any kind:
Noone cares advertisements, it's annoying and unrespectful. -Results in permanent ban.
(Action) 1st warn, if player donít listen ban and capture proof of advertise. (Capture Proof)

3. No bug/glitch abusing:
Don't use any bug or glitch you have found in game, report it on these forums in the bug report section or tell an administrator in game. -This can result up to a permanent ban
(Action) when bug found, admin to test bug and confirm if bug used; warn player, if bug abuse consist, ban for 2 days 1st, if still continue, perm ban. (Capture Proof)

4. No interfering in DM:
Don't get in a DM situation between faction players (blocking movement, bullets) when your status stands as non-friendly fire. -Results in temporary ban.
(Action) 1st warning; 2nd ban 1 hour. (Capture Proof)

5. No DM avoiding:
Don't logoff/disconnect only to evade DM situation. -Results in temporary ban.
(Action) 1st warning, 2nd ban 1 hour. (Capture Proof)

6. Be nice to ALL players:
No matter what race, level, zombie kills or anything other thing about someone ... This  can result first into a warning, mute then into a ban no more than a day depending on the staff member... If you continuously disobey, it can result in a permanent ban.
(Action) 1st warning, 2nd mute for 1hr, if still continue, ban. (Capture Proof)

7. Don't ask for anything from staff members:
You can earn everything yourself, you don't need to ask them for anything... You can apply to be a staff member when Buffalo opens it here at the forums.
(Action) 1st warning, 2nd action mute for 15mins, 3rd mute for 1day.  (Capture Proof)

8. Vehicle / Player Abuse:
Anything to interrupt a playerís way of playing is NOT allowed. It includes disobeying other player interests, interrupting role play situations on the purpose. Results in a kick / freeze / removal of your vehicle and can lead to ban.
(Action) 1st warning, 2nd kick, 3rd ban for day (Capture Proof)

9. In the chat box, always speak in English:
Just so everyone knows whatís going on. This can result up to a mute/kick.
(Action) 1st warning, if continue mute for 15mins, if still continue ban 1day. (Capture Proof)

10. DO NOT evade a punishment:
Evading a ban or mute or any other type of punishment given to by a staff member will automatically be reported back to the head staff members and a serial ban will be put into place.
(Action) if punishment evaded, capture proof and give 3day ban, if continue, perm ban. (Capture Proof)

11. Don't provoke or make rude comments:
When a situation is being handled by an admin or even not... Just step away..   ... Also please don't say things such as: I know Buffalo, I can have you banned! This only makes the situation worse... Don't be surprised if you also receive a punishment for saying something like that.
(Action) 1st warning, 2nd 15min mute, if continue 3day ban. (Capture Proof)

12. Keep the swearing to a minimum:
Don't cuss all the time and never at another player or staff member.
(Actions) 1st warning; 2nd 15min mute; 3rd 1day ban Ė if staff insulted ban 3days, if continue Ė perm ban serial (proof need captured)

13. Don't use capital letters in global chat. (/o):
Not to mention how annoying it is to only use capital letters in the main chat (global chat). This includes: LOL RIP etc.
(Action) 1st warning, 2nd 15min mute, if persist, 1day mute. (Capture Proof)

13. Respect the server, don't go around messing everything up in the base:
By blowing up all the vehicles or causing chaos with the gas cans. Which means don't go around killing other friendly players, you are allowed to kill your friends if itís a game you play, but when players starting to get upset, stop. This is not a chaos server.
(Action) 1st warning; 2nd ban for 1 day, if continue; perm ban (capture proof)

14. Spamming / Use of words repeatedly:
This can result in a quick mute to a ban. If you want to be heard, then use one line, you don't need to repeat yourself.
(Action) 1st warning; 2nd 10min mute; 3rd 1day mute; 4th ban 3 days. (Capture Proof)

15. Account sharing:
Sharing accounts will result in permanent ban. Every player is responsible for his own Account. Even family not allowed to share accounts!
Staff account sharing will result in demotion, temporary or permanent ban
(action)1st warn and provide evidence to higher staff, if caught again ban for 3 days, 3rd perm ban (Capture Proof)
If staff found account sharing, Capture proof, provide warning and report to higher admin who will provide 3day ban and demote staff, 2nd time caught account sharing again will result in perm ban

16. Multiaccounting:
Every player with more than 3 accounts will result in a permanent ban.
If you have more than one brother/sister that plays on server with you,you NEED to advise staff of this.
(Action) perm ban. (Capture Proof)

17. Sexual content:
No one to speak, share or have an avatar of any form of sexual content. This is not a dating site. Keep it clean.
Player will receive warning which could lead to a mute and ban from server and forum.
(Action) 1st warning, 2nd 15min mute, 3rd 3day ban. (Capture Proof)

18. No Begging for events:
Donít beg staff for events, we make events randomly. When begging you will receive a warning that will lead to mute.
(Action) 1st warning, 2nd 15min mute, if continue 1day ban. (Capture Proof)

19. Provoking Staff:
We know how to do our job, don't tell us how to do it and saying "I wish you were like this admin" or whatever - result will be mute and if continue will lead into a ban.
(Action) capture proof and give 1day mute, if continues Ė 3day ban, if still continues Ė perm ban. (Capture Proof)

20. Trying to cause fights between staff to get your way:
This is called not respecting staff and trying to avoid punishment. This will lead into harder punishment.
(Action) capture proof and give 1day mute, if continues Ė 3day ban, if still continues Ė perm ban. (Capture Proof)

21. Religious remarks:
This is plain rude and disrespectful!
(Action) 1st warning, 2nd mute 30mins, 3rd ban 3 days)

22. Staff abusing their powers:
I noticed this also been happening quite a lot. Yes I know trolling is fun, but there is a line. Also if higher staff speaks to you, listen! Donít abuse commands provided and the (Staff Global) chat etc. Its annoying, thatís for answering players questions and announcing something important.
(Action) 1st warning; 2nd 15min mute, if continue, 1day ban. - if punishment evaded by muting yourself for 1min, ban for 3days.(Capture proof)

23. Boss stealing:
Do not boss steal, if you caught stealing bosses 3 times it will lead into punishment.
Player who's boss been stolen more than twice by same player should report them for us to add to watch list.
(Action) 1st warning; 2nd 1day ban; if continues it will result in perm ban.

24. Use Common Sense!

If staff member not able to provide higher punishment/ban, please post topic with evidence in complaint and higher staff will take action